Hope on the Line


By Brendan Collins

Just hours after the Camp Fire destroyed Paradise, California, and the surrounding area, Adventist Health coordinated several hotlines and call centers for those impacted by the disaster. In the days and months after the fire, Adventist Health associates managed calls ranging from housing needs to prescription medications and clinic appointments. For Phil, an Adventist Health IT Support Center analyst, one call stood out above all the others.
Almost two months after the fire, Steve called the hotline regarding his future work plans at Adventist Health. Steve had worked at Adventist Health Feather River for 13 years. He spent the first nine years as a security guard and the next four in nutrition services. In addition to losing his job as a result of the fire, his house had burned down.
Adventist Health kept all associates on payroll for three months after the fire. As the February deadline approached, Steve began to actively seek out another opportunity at Adventist Health. He called the support center to get a copy of his résumé. That’s when Phil picked up the phone.
Phil quickly realized that Steve was stressed about securing a new job. During the 76-minute call, Phil helped Steve find his résumé; however, he provided him more than just the document. He gave Steve an outlet to voice his frustrations, provided a sense of relaxation, and reassured Steve that God is in control.
“It was as if God Himself sent me an angel to restore not just my personal faith but my faith in Adventist Health as well,” Steve said of Phil. “I simply believe that God used Phil right at that moment just to let me know ‘I’m still here.’”
Steve was so comforted and impressed by Phil’s assistance that he wanted to get in touch with Phil’s supervisor to commend him for his work. The next day, Steve contacted Diane.
Diane recommended to Steve that he apply to work at the café in the new Adventist Health headquarters in Roseville, California, when it opened in April of 2019. Steve loved the idea since he had a background in nutritional services and wanted to continue his career with Adventist Health.
After the new campus opened in April, neither Phil nor Diane were aware that Steve had been hired to work at the Vitaliz Café. After Steve’s story was shared at an associate town hall meeting, Diane and Phil realized the full-circle connection.
Even through the chaos and uncertainty of life had thrown Steve, all it took was a phone call about his résumé to restore his faith in God.

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Hope on the Line

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