HIS Nation, 75 Years Strong

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This year, Holbrook Indian School (HIS) celebrates its 75th year of wholistic educational service to Native American youth. We are an institution that has been committed to creating a safe place for Native American students to live, learn, and grow in Christ since 1946.

Much of the school’s annual operation costs of $2.5 million come from the donations of Adventist members. The student’s cost is only $85 per month, which goes toward tuition, dorm room, and book fees.

The development department at HIS hasn’t always been in existence, but the legacy of this school’s support system extends into the past, long before it came to be. Teachers, maintenance workers, board members, as well as donors: you are part of a long history of individuals who have invested, through one form or another, in this school’s ministry to Native American youth.

In the Newsdesk section of this month’s issue of the Recorder (on page 66), we share a review of all the good that our donors have brought us over the past five years. We take a look at the results of God’s hand in moving individuals to support Holbrook Indian School’s mission since its founding in 1946. The timeline below focuses on a few of our milestones from the 1960s to 2010.
By Chevon Petgrave

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HIS Nation, 75 Years Strong

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