Student Entrepreneur, Edison Scholar Sets Sights on Information Technology Path

InstitutionsLa Sierra UniversityStudent Entrepreneur, Edison Scholar Sets Sights on Information Technology Path

La Sierra University computer science senior James Hayes has taken significant steps over the summer toward achieving his goals, and a scholarship received last spring from Edison International will further his progress this school year.

Computer science major James Hayes is among seven students who each received $2,143 in STEM scholarship funds from Edison International.

Hayes plans to enter the information technology industry, a field that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts at 11% growth through 2029, “much faster than the average for all occupations,” the bureau stated.

In June, Hayes took a significant step forward with the formation of his company, Grangloria Technologies, LLC. He has spent much of the summer focusing on systems analysis and design, network transfer protocols, and different methodologies that could be used for varying project sizes and complexities.

“I like the idea of software that aids in the business process,” said Hayes, “things that help the business streamline its procedures. For example, businesses that offer a service or services that require booked appointments by their clients, we can develop applications that would allow their clients or potential clients the ability to see available appointments within, let’s say, the next half hour and book it. The service provider is able to see their schedule in real time.”

Hayes said he plans to pitch software applications to particular industries once application prototypes have been developed.

Meanwhile, as a senior this coming school year, he is focused on completing his college degree program. That endeavor has received the support of a $2,143 STEM grant from Edison International, an award for eligible students studying in science, technology, engineering, and math. He is one of seven La Sierra Edison STEM scholars. Other awardees include Allan Villamor, José Campos, Morgan Williams, Sunny Zhou, Yonghe Li, and Cole E. Mupas.

The awards were announced during a virtual May scholarship ceremony. “When I heard my name called, many things ran through my mind at that moment,” said Hayes. “This was an acknowledgment of my hard work, dedication, focus, and discipline.”

He noted, “This funding allows me to continue to focus on the completion of my educational goals.”

Hayes was inspired by the example of others, specifically that of his mother. “Watching her as I grew up exposed me to perseverance,” he said. “I see what it took to overcome difficulties; now it’s hard for me to complain about difficulties. I believe the intangibles that I gained from my mother guided me in my studies of such a difficult subject.”
By Darla Martin Tucker

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Student Entrepreneur, Edison Scholar Sets Sights on Information Technology Path

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