1,000 Liver Transplants Have Improved LLU Patients’ and Families’ Lives



Since becoming the first medical center in the Inland Empire to offer liver transplants to patients in 1993, Loma Linda University Health has gone on to complete hundreds of procedures—recently cumulating to 1,000 liver transplants.

“Surpassing 1,000 liver transplants is a huge milestone for the Transplant Institute, carrying out the mission of Loma Linda University to make man whole,” said Michael E. de Vera, MD, FACS, director of the Loma Linda University Transplant Institute. “The achievement is more than just a number—it represents the lives of patients touched by the generosity of organ donors and is also a reminder of the countless others on the waitlist who struggle with liver disease and are waiting patiently and desperately for precious, life-saving organs.”

Each year the Transplant Institute coordinates over 100 liver transplants, which are performed by transplant surgeons at the LLU Medical Center and enabled by liver donations from deceased individuals who had selflessly agreed to donate.

One of the many liver transplant recipients to benefit from the life-saving procedure offered at LLU is the 1,001st patient, who expressed his thankfulness and hopes that sharing his story will inspire some in similar situations to maintain hope and others to enroll
as donors.

“I could be here all day talking about the goodness of what I went through,” said 56-year-old Albert Richards Jr., now enjoying his life extension to the fullest and spending time with loved ones who supported him throughout his health journey.

To read more about Albert Richards’ story, go to: https://news.llu.edu/patient-care/1000-liver-transplants-have-improved-llu-patients-and-families-lives
By Lisa Aubry

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