PUC Students Travel To Beirut To Aid In Relief Efforts

InstitutionsPacific Union CollegePUC Students Travel To Beirut To Aid In Relief Efforts

On August 4, a huge blast struck the Lebanese capital city of Beirut, killing at least 135 people, wounding more than 5,000, and leaving more than 300,000 people homeless. Across the world, Pacific Union College (PUC) students Alex Nelson and Gilund Fayard were given the opportunity to join relief efforts in Beirut. Having taken PUC’s emergency services program, the two were prepared to join the ranks of medical workers in a mobile medical clinic. In addition to medical work, Nelson and Fayard also helped clean up rubble, glass, wood, and trash scattered across streets, alleys, and residential buildings in the city. “From an educational perspective, it was fantastic to be part of a disaster response and put into practice all of the things we learn in class,” Nelson said. “Every experience changes you. Going to Beirut was a great spiritual experience, as we were forced to step out in faith and trust God to provide, which He certainly did.” Though responding to Lebanon’s need during the pandemic posed concerns and challenges, the two were able to safely and successfully lend a hand during a difficult time.

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PUC Students Travel To Beirut To Aid In Relief Efforts

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