African American Ministries

African American Ministries at the Pacific Union Conference includes regional departmental leaders from Arizona, California, Nevada, and Utah, who are specially tasked with working to meet the needs of African Americans in the church and the wider community. Each departmental director has the responsibility of overseeing church leadership including pastors, associate and assistant pastors, hired Bible instructors, and support staff. The most important responsibilities of the director are loving God, loving people, maintaining his or her personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and working to build the Kingdom.

Virgil S. Childs

Virgil S. Childs has served as the director of African American Ministries for the Pacific Union Conference since 2016. Previously, he served in the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in a variety of roles, including assistant pastor, senior pastor, director of African American ministries, inner city ministries, men’s ministries, and prison ministries.

Childs is a member of the Oakland Faith Advisory Council and is a recipient of the 2015 Pastor of the Year award, presented by One Thousand Mothers Against Violence, an organization based in Oakland, California. He has conducted numerous prophecy seminars, evangelistic meetings, and conflict resolution workshops, and enjoys teaching religion at elementary and high schools. He is married to Patricia Woods-Childs, and they have three adult children and three grandchildren.