Information Technology

Where would we be without information and the ability to communicate across vast distances? It’s always been important, but access to the wide range of materials available on the internet is vital in the twenty-first century. And yet most of us are at a loss as to how our computers work. The Information Technology department provides computer and telecommunication assistance to Pacific Union Conference employees, installing new equipment, updating software, and maintaining existing technology equipment to ensure that the Church’s mission can be fulfilled consistently each and every day.

Bill Liers
IT Director and Associate Treasurer

Bill Liers has served as director of information technology for more than twenty years. He also consults the North American Division regarding its accounting software needs. Liers is responsible for the design, programming, implementation, and production of all new computer technology systems and for the production and maintenance of existing systems. He previously served the Union as a treasurer and technology director for the Home Health Education Service. He is a graduate of Columbia Union College.

Rico Mundy
Associate IT Director

Rico Mundy has served associate IT director at the Pacific Union Conference since Aug 2018 Previously he served as IT support at Pacific Union College. He is a graduate of Pacific Union College, BA Religion. Mundy is native of Angwin, CA. He is married to Cherith and they have 3 children, Alethia, Zoe and Derek.