By Bill Krick

The 2019 iShare conference was held at the Riverside Convention Center on Aug. 16-17. Now in its seventh year, iShare is an annual conference sponsored by the Pacific Union Conference that seeks to help equip young adults with the fire to share the gospel and the skills to do so effectively.

The theme of the conference this year was “Think Different.” Speakers included Clifford Goldstein, editor of the Adult Sabbath School Quarterly; Anil Kanda, young adult coordinator at Central California Conference; Chef GW Chew, founder of the Veg Hub Restaurant and Something Better Seventh Annual iShare Conference Foods, and Cynthia Heidi from the Nicodemus Society. More than 1, 100 young adults attended the event.

Through inspiring music and thoughtful presentations, attendees were encouraged to RE-examine how they have approached their faith, REthink current worldviews, RE-vive the zeal and “gospel fire” that may have cooled, and RE-store the love for our shared faith.

A highlight of the iShare conference was a baptism on Sabbath afternoon during which 18 young people committed their lives to Jesus Christ.

A ministry of the Pacific Union Conference, iShare seeks to connect young people with Christ in a personal relationship that will bring spiritual revival and awaken the desire to do evangelism. The ministry provides training and resources for young people in the Pacific Union, fostering a year-round lifestyle of evangelism.