by Faith Hoyt

This April, the Church Support Services (CSS) department of the Pacific Union Conference will sponsor and organize the sixth annual inSpire, a weekend gathering for Adventist creatives.

“Our purpose is to let the creatives within our church know that we value their presence and expertise as photographers, poets, singers and songwriters, videographers, visual artists, and more because of the clarity they can add to storytelling and sharing God’s story,” said Rich DuBose, director of CSS.

DuBose is eager to see the arts take a more prominent role in helping share the essence of God’s story in the Pacific Southwest. “Instead of creativity being a source of suspicion and fear, it is something Seventh-day Adventists should celebrate and encourage,” DuBose added. “Because we are fashioned in God’s image, who is Himself the master Creator, we cannot help but build, explore, and create.”

The goal of inSpire is to “bring good to life” through all forms of media and creative expression—to use the arts as a vehicle for truth telling. Those interested in songwriting, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, poetry, videography, and other art forms are invited to attend.

Part of this year’s inSpire event will include the viewing of an exclusive, award-winning documentary by Alan Lacy, an Adventist communicator and cinematographer. The film explores the habitat of Mexican gray wolves and the dangers they face from extinction.

This year’s inSpire gathering will be held April 17-19 at the Advent Worship Center located at 15220 N 39th Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. The event is free and open to the public. For more details about this gathering, go to

Photo: Alan Lacy, an award-winning filmmaker, is passionate about the natural world. His fascination with the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf—and his desire to do something to help—spurred him on to produce his first film about the endangered species. His film, Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest has screened internationally and will be part of this year’s inSpire gathering.