Laurie Trujillo Appointed NCC Director of Communication and Development

Conferences Northern California Laurie Trujillo Appointed NCC Director of Communication and Development

by Julie Lorenz

In October, the Northern California Conference (NCC) Executive Committee voted to appoint Laurie Trujillo as NCC director of communication and development. She began her new role on Oct. 28.
“We are delighted to welcome Laurie,” said NCC President Marc Woodson. “Her many years of professional experience in both the public and private sectors—and her heart for our mission—will help advance God’s work in our territory.”
Trujillo came with 16 years of experience working in the areas of development, public relations, and communication for both nonprofit and governmental organizations. In addition to her work in the public sphere, she has served as director of philanthropy at Pacific Union College and as director of development for a local Adventist Community Services organization in Denver.
Her new position combines the responsibilities of former Communication Director Stephanie Leal with the added duties of development director. “I want to maintain the high standards that Stephanie set in addition to taking on the new challenges that NCC administration has given to this role,” she said.
Earlier this year at NCC ministerial meetings, Trujillo shared her expertise in development with the attending pastors. “I heard the challenges they faced in fundraising,” she said. “I shared how basic philanthropic principles and ethical practices can be effective and useful at the church level. I believe these same principles can support the conference as a whole.”
She was excited to begin her new duties. “I look forward to meeting the challenges in this position, the new direction it is heading, and how it can further the mission of our church as well as support NCC members, pastors, and educators to achieve their goals,” she said. “I am also eager to support the administrators with the three initiatives in their strategic plan, especially community engagement.”
Trujillo grew up in the Adventist church. Her parents are Arnold Trujillo, retired Pacific Union Conference vice president, and Deloris Trujillo, retired human resources director at the Adventist Media Center. After graduating from Escondido Adventist Academy, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in organizational leadership and a Master of Science in human resources from Chapman University.
During her college years, Trujillo served as a student missionary in Russia and Colombia, and she has enjoyed teaching English as a second language in the United States to various cultural groups from Asian, European, and Middle Eastern countries. A fluent Spanish-speaker, she spent eight years working in Colombia. “The Adventist church in Northern California is blessed to have many diverse cultures represented in its membership,” she said. “I look forward to developing strategies that will celebrate our diversity and remove barriers to communication.”
She currently lives in Angwin with her three-year-old daughter, Katie. “We love to be outdoors—gardening and hiking,” said Trujillo, who also enjoys camping, backpacking, and skiing.

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Laurie Trujillo Appointed NCC Director of Communication and Development

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