“Mapping” the School Year at Holbrook Indian School


At Holbrook Indian School (HIS), teachers are continuing with a radically different approach to education—with class schedules that prioritize attention and curriculum that prioritizes retention. “It’s hard to expect that kids, in general, should hold their attention for rigid, blocked hours in a classroom,” the school shared. “It’s an even more demanding expectation for at-risk kids battling trauma.” HIS teachers also focus on helping students retain what they’ve learned, and they’re accomplishing these objectives in many ways. This school year, students have been working towards a final autobiography project where they create a multimedia autobiography of themselves, using a variety of activities and media, which they will share with the rest of the school at the end of the semester. Because it involves all of their subject areas, the project reinforces each subject with an activity the students are engaged in. It’s just like they say: “repetition deepens the impression.”

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