It’s no secret that the world faces serious problems and challenges. We are confronted daily with political and social upheaval—with the problems of inequality, injustice, illness, natural disasters, violence, and despair. Far from having all the answers, many of us experience these issues in our own lives. Being Adventists doesn’t make us immune from serious difficulties, but it does provide us with hope for a better future. Seventh-day Adventists have always believed that God is central to our community—that He is working both through and for us—and that we can make a difference in this world through faithful collaboration together. The most important thing for us is to be actively engaged and connected to God, ready to fulfill the tasks He sets for us. We may feel discouraged at times—that’s only human—but we remain determined to seek God in everything we do, knowing that His plan for this world is foolproof.

The Adventist Church in the Pacific Southwest is a vibrant blend of cultures, languages, and traditions. We are growing together as we discover how to be better disciples through exploring God’s Word and putting the lessons we learn into practice in our local communities. We want to show our neighbors and everyone we encounter the life-transforming love for people that Jesus demonstrated while He was here on earth. Our diverse territory is home to seven hundred growing Adventist churches where a practical, saving Gospel is preached with power and lived with enthusiasm. We offer all kinds of opportunities for discipleship, including prayer conferences, small groups, musical worship, and the unique Adventist blessing of Sabbath celebration, which gives members and visitors the privilege of extended worship, more prayer hours, and time to reflect and rest. You can participate in mission trips, learn practical ways to share your faith at work and in your local community, or participate in outdoor camping trips and spiritual retreats. We make mistakes; we all stumble in our walk of faith. But Adventism in the Pacific Union Conference is all about grace and chances to start fresh. Every day is a new opportunity to live out our faith in surprising and meaningful ways.

Commitment to Service
You can tell a great deal about a person or an organization by how they spend their time and money. “Tell me what you pay attention to,” observed the Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset, “and I will tell you who you are.” A quick perusal of the activities of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Pacific Southwest reveals a group of Christians devoted to living a life of commitment to Christ. This is born out in practical ways: education, healthcare, social justice, environmental protection, advocacy.

Adventists are committed to actively loving our neighbors regardless of their background or spiritual orientation. This comes from the core pillars of Christian faith: Jesus’ perfect sacrifice on our behalf, His resurrection and imminent return, and His wholistic lifestyle blueprint intended for our well-being. The Apostle Paul wrote, “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather serve one another humbly in love” (Galatians 5:13). The Christian life calls for service. The needs in the world are great—and we each have God-given abilities that can be used to make a difference. Jesus entrusted the Gospel message to His church, a priesthood of all believers. This means that the life, talents, experience, skills, and influence of every person finds transforming value when blessed by the Spirit. God can use each of us to bring hope and salvation to others.

When communities face hard times or disasters, the Adventist church offers a coordinated and professional response, making use of many volunteers who believe that service offered with no strings attached is one of the best ways they can serve God. We follow the example of Christ who advised us to serve the poor and needy. We operate food banks, maintain prison fellowships, provide help for single parents, brighten up our neighborhoods with graffiti removal and trash collection, and offer Vacation Bible School for kids.

Adventist Health
One distinct way that Adventist Christians have traditionally offered service is through honoring God with healthy bodies and minds. The worldwide Adventist family boasts hundreds of hospitals, and there are 20 such facilities here in the five state region that makes up the Pacific Union Conference. Adventist Health provide clinics and cooking demos, jogging clubs, and stress reduction seminars. Adventist medical professionals and volunteers offer free health expos locally and conduct medical mission trips overseas, providing help and healing to thousands. The goal “To Make Man Whole” is what inspires our hundreds of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals who have chosen a career in the field of medical service. Find out more about Adventist Health.

Holbrook Indian School
While we offer Christian education from preschool through to postgraduate degrees at the various schools and institutions throughout our territory, we are particularly proud of our mission-focused Holbrook Indian School located in Holbrook, Arizona. This is a unique institution designed to help Native American students reclaim their God-given identity through the power of education and transformational love. Holbrook is an amazing place where miracles happen daily and where vulnerable kids are able to build a dynamic new life with Jesus at the center of each choice. Find out more about Holbrook Indian School.